Taco Tuesday just got better at Lux Bistro Bar, Wollongong! Enjoy $4 chicken tacos or treat yourself to a $15 chicken taco and margarita combo. A delicious way to spice up your evening. Call (02) 4210 9293 to book your table.

Event Date
April 2, 2024

Transform your Tuesdays from mundane to magical with Lux Bistro Bar's tantalizing Tuesday special. As the sun sets in Wollongong, our doors open to a world of culinary delights and cocktail dreams. For just $4, indulge in our chicken tacos, a symphony of taste wrapped in a soft tortilla, bursting with fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors. But why stop at one when you can elevate your experience with our $15 chicken taco and margarita combo? Sip on a perfectly mixed margarita, the ideal complement to your taco feast, as you unwind in our stylish and inviting ambiance. Tuesdays at Lux Bistro Bar are an ode to the joy of good food, great drinks, and even better company. It's where traditions are born, and Tuesdays are transformed into a weekly highlight. Reserve your table now by calling (02) 1234 5678 and turn your ordinary Tuesday into an extraordinary adventure in taste.

Shop 19, 110-114 Crown Street Wollongong