"Start your week right with our Monday specials at Lux Bistro Bar in Wollongong. Savor $6 house spirits, selected beer, or wine, and indulge in $1 wings. A great way to unwind and enjoy good company. For inquiries, dial (02) 4210 9293"

Event Date
April 1, 2024

Monday blues are a thing of the past with Lux Bistro Bar's irresistible after 5 PM promo. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Wollongong, our establishment is the perfect antidote to the start-of-the-week slump. Elevate your Monday evenings with our $6 house spirits, selected beers, or wines, each chosen to please the palate and lift the spirits. But why stop there? Dive into our mouth-watering $1 wings, a flavor explosion that's bound to make your taste buds sing. It's not just a promotion; it's a celebration of good times and great tastes. Lux Bistro Bar is where Monday becomes the new Friday, where friends gather, and memories are made. Don't let another Monday pass you by without experiencing our unique blend of ambiance, flavor, and fun. For inquiries and reservations, dial (02) 1234 5678 and transform your Monday into an event to look forward to

Shop 19, 110-114 Crown Street Wollongong